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Jan 2022: Dr. Alamdari receives $25,000 from Everglades Foundation to predict future climate projections from multiple Global Circulation Models (GCMs) used in Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6).

Nov 2021: Dr. Alamdari receives $253,000 from EPA for prediction and mitigation of red tides in Biscayne Bay using advanced numerical methods.

Sep 2021: Dr. Alamdari is appointed to the Leon County Science Advisory Committee by the board of commissioners.

Aug 2021: Sadeq, Zhengxiao, Mahsa & Mushfiqul join the group as PhD students. Welcome!

July 2021: Dr. Alamdari receives $45,000 from Florida Department of Environmental Protection to strengthen K-12 teachers and students’ knowledge on non-point source pollution, sustainable water management, and green infrastructure with the ultimate goal of developing a curriculum that can be used by the high school teachers across the State.

June 2021: Parnian defended her master's thesis. Congratulations!

Feb 2021: Dr. Alamdari receives $20,000 from FSU The Council on Research & Creativity to develop a framework to evaluate existing nutrient reduction plans in a highly urbanized watershed to determine if they effectively decrease nutrient loading.

Oct 2020: Dr. Alamdari receives $267,000 from FDEP to develop a statewide tool for green infrastructure planning.

Aug 2020: Parnian joins the group as a MSc student. Welcome!

Aug 2020: Dr. Alamdari joins the CEE Department at FAMU-FSU College of Engineering.

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